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Novel: Ayat Ayat Cinta (The Verses of Love)

Photo: Ayat Ayat Cinta Novel

Ayat Ayat Cinta - The Verses of Love is an Islamic novel written by a novelist from Indonesia, and as well as a scholar from Al Azhar University, Cairo, Habiburrahman El Shirazy, is an Islamic and romantic novel. This novel gives a detail description about many aspects of Islam including the relationship between Moeslems and non-Moeslems in their social interaction, between husband and wife, among friends, etc. It consist of 411 pages of colaboration issues in Islamic teaching, social - culture interaction, education, laws, politics, and of course, love story. And if you read it, maybe you'll find more. This novel was first published in December 2004, and the second print of it followed in January 2005.

As an Islamic novel, the norms in Islamic teaching are being represented in a nature way, so that when we read it, there is no assumption that the appearence of them are seem to be 'forced'. Thus, after reading the novel, we automatically get the knowledge of Islam deeply and even don't recognise it at all. This is one of the best parts of the novel.

Another unique way used by the writer is his ability to describe every setting taken place in the novel. The way how he creates the protagonist character makes us as the reader fell that it is him himself. He successes to make the character 'lives' in every part of the novel. Further, the way how he describe the Cairo city makes us fell that we ever come to that place before, and imagine the situation as if it happens in front of us.

Other important point of it is the romantic element involving the protagonist. That is why this novel can be supposed as a romantic novel, besides islamic or religious one. The expressions used by the write to describe the protagonist felling toward 4 different women that love him simply don't represent in a 'vulgarism'. But, this novel doesn't lose its romantic fantasy as well. In fact, this things make readers, particularlly women, have a desire to experience the same romantic story as happened in the novel.

Actually, there are still a lot more good points that can be find in this novel. I suggest everyone who has not read it to read it now. It is really a good novel, not only for Moeslems. This novel can also be one of the references for those who want to know Islam, because all religious, I think, teach us the same thing that we should love each other, etc. And after reading this novel, you can decide yourself whether this novel is religious, cultural, or romantic novel.

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At 8:34 PM , Blogger Edward Ott said...

I have recently learned the book is not available in english, are there any plans to translate it into english?
also may i link your site to mine?

At 9:09 PM , Anonymous Rini said...

you're right.this book is not available in English, but i have a plan to translate it into English in order to share the good contents in it for the outsider like you're.

Of course, you can link my side as i'll link yours also.and i ask you to be patient waiting for the translation of it,because i have a lot of works to do in my study here. okey! thanks for visiting my blog.

At 5:38 AM , Anonymous paulin said...

hi mba eka, salam kenal yach

At 12:47 PM , Anonymous Rini said...

hi juga Paulin, salam kenal kembali. Makasih ya da mau jalan2 ke blog saya.

At 10:17 AM , Anonymous yanti said...

assalamualaikum mba Eka..
has the book already translated into English language?where i can find it? i really want to have it as a gift to my best friend from Australia, please let me know or give another suggest for me if the book is not available in English. thank you very much...
wassalamualikum wr wb

At 1:18 PM , Anonymous Rini said...

Salam kenal Yanti, setahu saya sih, buku atau novel ini belum di translate ke inggris, tapi ntar sy cari tahu lagi n saya beri tahu. Makasih da mau mampir.


At 3:21 PM , Anonymous Cinta2u said...

I love this post..

At 12:26 PM , Blogger nor said...

salam kenal mba rini.saya Nor Aqilah dari malaysia..saya amat suka baca buku tulisan Habiburrahman..saya sudah pun milik Ayay-Ayat Cinta,Dalam Mihrab Cinta,Di atas sejadah cinta. saya ingin benar buat koleksi buku-bukunya namun di pasaran Malaysia buku dari kang abik tidak begitu banyak. kalau tidak keberatan saya mahu mendapatkan idea dari mba rini bagaimana untuk saya dapatkan buku-buku kang abik yang banyak terbit di pasaran indonesi.minta pandangan juga ide..

At 11:37 PM , Anonymous bronegod said...

Has the book already translated into English language? Where i can find it?

At 6:21 AM , Anonymous Bashir Ahmad said...

I am desperately waiting for its English translation.

I heard some of the feature defame Islam...Is that true?

At 10:10 AM , Blogger umi.akhilesh said...

salam kenal mb,,,, tolong kabari kami ya,,, jika sudah tersedia ayat-ayat cinta translet english,,, trimakasih,,,,,


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